Spaghetti and Clams


An Italian classic, flavorful pasta infused with clams and white sauce

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Spaghetti Clams an Italian classic, flavorful pasta infused with fresh clams and white sauce. Spaghetti alle Vongole (spaghetti and clams) originated in Naples and is very popular throughout the surrounding Campania region in addition to Rome. Red or white sauce

Spaghetti Clams and other Italian Food from Cafe Italia Fort Lauderdale. An Italian classic, flavorful pasta infused with clams and white sauce. Curbside Available

magbo Invite codes: 8U8VIGPTRP

1 review for Spaghetti and Clams

  1. Batolomo

    Hello 👋
    I lived in Italy for five years so I have to admit that I am picky when it comes to Italian food. This is a lovely little Italian restaurant right next to a big Japanese restaurant. On the other side is another Italian restaurant. So, there’s a lot of competition.
    This is an unassuming, wholesome Italian restaurant. The food is delightful and very fresh. They have a great assortment of fish on the menu. You will not be disappointed. We started out with several appetizers to include mussels and clams, eggplant, and capresse. All were good except the tomatoes are not very good at this time of year. One of my friends have the spaghetti Ragu with lamb meatballs which was very good even though there was too much sauce on the pasta. I have the swordfish and the other member of my party had that Ahi tuna. Both were prepared wonderfully.

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