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Host your events with us Host your next private party or event (doors closed to public) with us & enjoy the most authentic Italian cuisine, fine select low sulfite, organic wine & music at Cafe Italia. Since 1993. Luncheons Cocktail Parties Wine Tastings Weddings Receptions Conference Meetings Dinner Parties Baby Showers Engagement Parties Brand Launching […]

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11 Health Benefits of Eating Italian Food

The mediterranean diet is essential to Italian Food and provides many health benefits. Eating a balanced diet is an essential part of good nutrition, improved overall health, and a lowered risk of chronic disease. Italian food is an integral part of the Mediterranean diet — which focuses on fresh vegetables, olive oil, and grains — […]

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The Tour Guy

Something we often get asked… Okay but… Who is The Tour Guy?The most common question we get asked is: “Who is The Tour Guy?” The Tour Guy isn’t one person, it is a whole team! I wouldn’t say he is a guy either – most of our team is actually female. Tuscany Wine Tour We like […]

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Celebrate new beginnings!

A complimentary glass of wine for everyone in your party. Enjoy a glass of our new Italian organic & low sulfite wines starting Jan 17 though Jan 19. Choose from our selection– Sangiovese Ripe Alte Puglia– Chianti DOCG 2014– Cabarnet Sauvignon Tre Venezie– Merlot delle Venezie– Primitivo Ava Pervia Puglia– Pinot Grigio delle Venezie– Chardonnay Toscana Marta Rosa– Malvasia Puglia […]

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