Italian Wines from Italy. Low Sulfite Organic Italian Family Wines from Italy.

At Cafe Italia we work exclusively with family-owned, boutique Italian wineries that own their vineyards and quality control their wine from idea to exhibition. These select best Italian wineries put their family names on the labels of their bottles and defend their vino with integrity.

We have Italian wines from family run businesses, from the small vineyards for you to taste such as Donna Bosco Pecorino. If you do not like a wine you can change it and try something else. If its not cold enough it is complimentary. You will find the perfect wine at our Italian wine bar in Fort Lauderdale.


Ripe Alte Sangiovese

fresh and enveloping wine, a jam of red and black fruits, well balanced

Cabarnet Franc

intense but plesaent, full bodied, great personlality

Merlot di Veneto

full-bodied, generous, well structured, nearly “aristocratic” wine

Diano D’Alba DOGC

100% Dolcetto grape from Piedmont, slightly spicy and vinous aromas of wild berries

Nebbiolo D’Alba DOGC

100% Nebbiolo grape from Piedmont – famous Barolo grape ruby red

Primitivo Avia Pervia

bouquet of red fruit, red currant, wild boysenberry, violet, black olive with a rustic-finish

Gelso Nero Nero Di Troia

intense ruby color with violet reflections

Valpolicella Classico DOC

velvet-smooth and balanced. Grapes: Corvina 65%, Corvinone 10%, Rondinella 25%

The Wineries

Our mission is to create natural products that embody traditions and peculiarities of the wonderful land of Irpinia, with its fruitful and pure green lands and its many native grape varieties. We give the greatest attention to every phase of the productive process, until the bottling of our wines and olive oils. We’ve chosen to do this the hard way, with daily sacrifice and commitment.

Oltre Greco di Tufo DOCG/DOP
Taurasi DOCG/DOP ’09
Fiano de Avellino DOCG/DOP
Falanghina Irpinia

Antica Cascina dei Conti di Roero

“We arrived on the estate in the Nineties, just after we got married. We grew up among the vineyards, hills and people of the Roero district. Both of us come from farming families. The land is in our blood. Our idea of winegrowing can be explained in a single word: authenticity. This is a concept that we apply in the vineyard, in the cellar and in our life. We have decided to believe in and use only native grape varieties: Nebbiolo, Arneis, Favorita and Barbera.”

Nebbiolo d’Alba DOC
Langhe Favorita DOCG
Barbera D’Alba DOC


Mattia Ardenghi and Lorenzo Bormioli take care of their rows with real passion, doing things step by step, respecting the times and the needs of the vineyard with meticulous and continuous search for elegance and cleanness in all the breadsticks: from vinification to sparkling wine. Elegance that we find in all the glasses signed Ardenghi undisputed symbol of Italian Passion.

Prosecco DOC Millesimato Brut
Amistà Cuvee Rose
Pinot Grigio Veneto IGT Valdomino

Besini Georgia

The history of Besini Winery starts in 2004 when the company owners came together in Tsinandali, Kakheti, and planted our first vineyards after careful selection of soil and high quality vines, in order to harvest top quality grapes for our extraordinary wines. In ancient Georgian, Besini means sacrificial wine, the wine that our ancestors made from their finest grapes and sacrificed to the Gods. The Besini Winery has been producing the finest wines for more than a decade, using Georgian endemic as well as world-famous grape varieties.

Alazani Valley Semi-Sweet Red
Tsinandali Dry White
Alazani Valley Semi-Sweet White

Ca’ d’Or

On a sunny day, among the hills of Lake Iseo, the Ca’ d’Or project came to life, born from the encounter between two friends, representing respectively a noble historic winery of Franciacorta and a family of professionals, active in marketing and in creativity. Ca’ d’Or is a distinctive sign that is able to combine history, quality and creativity. As evidence of these three qualities, a precious mask is decorated on our bottles, bringing us back to the Venetian origin of the brand.

Millesimato Blanc de Blanc
Noble Rosé Franciacorta DOCG
Noble Cuvee Franciacorta DOCG


At the beginning, in the 1940s, the wine was sold in bulk, as used to be common practice in those days. Then in the 1980s Mauro followed in his grandfather’s and father’s footsteps when he took up vine-growing. Though he was still young, he was very clear in his mind about what he wanted to do with the family business, and the real story of Camparo can be said to have begun in the ’90s when Mauro took over the reins of the winery and established its character and philosophy. First, he started selling the family’s organic wine throughout Italy; then in the mid 90s he broadened the production by purchasing a plot of land in Grinzane Cavour, growing Nebbiolo grapes to produce Barolo wine.

Nebbiolo D’Alba
Langhe Bianco
Diano D’Alba

Cantina Diomede

Cantina Diomede is based in northern Puglia (region in Southeast Italy), close to the town of Canosa.Consultant winemaker Filippo Baccalaro works closely with oenologists Massimo di Bari and Luca Pugliese to obtain high quality, healthy grapes. Most operations are carried out manually, and the management of the vineyard follows an organic approach.

Cascina Alberta

From the outset we have pursued sustainable viticulture without the use of pesticides or chemical weed killers. We want our vineyards to be gardens, so we let the grass grow free, cutting it only when it gets too lush. During spring in wet years, the grass helps the ground absorb the excess water, allowing better drainage and avoiding water logging. We believe it is fundamental to respect the ecosystem, minimizing human intervention with the aim of recreating equilibrium in the ground and in the plants that allow the vines to become strong and flourishing.

Barbera D’Alba
Barbaresco Giacone ’14

Corte San Benedetto

The Corte San Benedetto winery, located in Arbizzano di Negrar in the ancient rural court from where it took its name, is a family-run estate. This young family-run winery was born in 2006 with the help of their father Mariano when two brothers Angelo and Loris decided to continue the activity initiated in 1956 by their grandfather Angelo. As they currently run the winery using their own grapes, Loris, with a degree in oenology, works in the cellar and is responsible for winemaking, while Angelo takes care of the accounts and customer relations. Mariano then, with a long-mature-acquired experience throughout the years, ensures cultivation in the vineyard. A portion of about 18 hectares of the vineyard is cultivated from which all typical wines of the zone are produced, namely Amarone, Recioto, Valpolicella and Ripasso.

Valpolicella Classico Superiore Ripasso DOC,2013
Amarone Della Valpolicella 2011
Amarone Della Valpolicella Reserva Comporal 2008


The Dissegna farm is located In the area between Veneto and Friuli, a territory where viticulture has a long and well-known tradition. Founded in 1925 thanks to grandfather Antonio’s passion, the farm has been passed on from father to son up until the present wise leadership of Francesco. From 1998, the farm has enriched its offer, adding to the typical wines of the Venetian tradition. In 2006, the farm began following the biological cultivation method for the entire production process, from the collection to the wine production.

Prosecco DOC Extra Dry Millesimato Dissegna
Pinot Grigio Veneto Dissegna
Merlot Veneto
Chardonnay Dissegna