Prociutto e Melone


Orlando says:

Very authentic Italian food!
The owner is from Abruzzi
Thought I try this seemingly simple Italian restaurant in Fort Lauderdale. I’m from the north east and lived in Italy so I can be a hard reviewer with Italian restaurants.
I started with a glass of red wine. Also was given bread, cheese and olives to start with. The bread was amazing which is hard to find in Florida. Very authentic Italian bread.
I then had prosciutto e melone. I know it is tough to ruin this dish. All I can say it was perfect. The ingredients were fresh.
I ordered pasta carbonara next. It’s a great dish to test out authenticity. guanciale.. eggs etc.
It’s was excellent and authentic.
Only tiramisù for dessert so I forced myself to try it.
This is a definite must.. Food is cooked to order. So it’s fresh and classic.

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